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Choose the Right T-Shirt for Printing: Fabric, Fit, and Style Considerations

When it comes to printing on American Apparel t-shirts, choosing the right shirt is just as important as the design itself. From fabric to fit to style, each element plays a crucial role in the overall look and feel of the finished product. In this guide, we'll explore the key considerations for selecting the perfect American Apparel t-shirt for your printing needs. 

Fabric Selection

One of the first decisions you'll need to make is the type of fabric for your American Apparel t-shirt. American Apparel offers a range of fabric options, including 100% cotton, tri-blend, and polyester blends. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different printing techniques.

For instance, 100% cotton t-shirts are ideal for screen printing, as the natural fibers absorb ink well and provide a smooth printing surface. Tri-blend shirts, on the other hand, are softer and more lightweight, making them great for digital printing techniques like direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. Polyester blends are known for their durability and moisture-wicking properties, making them a popular choice for athletic apparel.

When choosing a fabric, consider the intended use of the t-shirt and the printing technique you plan to use. For example, if you're creating custom t-shirts for a sports team, a polyester blend may be the best choice for its durability and moisture-wicking properties.


Fit and Style

The fit and style of the t-shirt can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the printed design. American Apparel offers a variety of fits, including classic, slim, and oversized, as well as different necklines, such as crew neck and v-neck.

When selecting a fit, consider the preferences of your target audience and the style of the design. For a more fashion-forward look, you may opt for a slim fit or an oversized shirt. If comfort is a priority, a classic fit may be more suitable. Additionally, the neckline can also affect the overall aesthetic of the t-shirt, so choose one that complements the design.


Color Selection

The color of the t-shirt is another important consideration when printing on American Apparel shirts. American Apparel offers a wide range of colors, from classic neutrals to bold and vibrant hues. Consider the color of the design and how it will look against the background color of the shirt.


For example, a light-colored design may not stand out as well on a white t-shirt as it would on a darker color. Similarly, a dark-colored design may not be as visible on a black t-shirt as it would on a lighter color. Consider the contrast between the design and the shirt color to ensure that the design pops and is easily visible.


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