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Welcome to Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC – where American-made quality meets cutting-edge printing technology. We specialize in Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing, offering superior prints on our top-notch apparel. Join us in a journey where style meets respect for our nation's protectors.

 We are committed to producing apparel that reflects your style and brand.

100% American Made Apparel

+ Custom Labeled Shirts for Apparel Entrepreneurs

+ Quick Turnaround Times  
+ Affordable Pricing
+ Print On Demand

About Us!

Welcome to Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC, your premier destination for superior direct-to-film t-shirt printing and embroidery services. We are all about providing high-quality American-made apparel, super-fast turnaround times, and competitive pricing that suits every budget. Our mission is to enhance your style while celebrating the people who protect and serve our communities.

Who We Are - The Five Oh Story

The term "Five Oh" is commonly known as slang for law enforcement. By choosing the name Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC, we demonstrate our deep-rooted support for our law enforcement officers, veterans, and all those who lay their lives on the line for our protection and freedom.

Our passion goes beyond providing outstanding printing and embroidery services. It's about recognizing the bravery, dedication, and sacrifice of these heroes, and offering them a token of our appreciation through what we do best – creating exceptional, stylish, and durable clothing.

Supporting Our Heroes - Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC Cares

Our commitment extends beyond our business. At Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC, we believe in giving back to those who protect us. We hold our law enforcement officers, veterans, and community protectors in high regard, and part of our mission is to contribute to causes that support their well-being and honor their service.

Join us on this mission. By choosing Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC, you are not only getting the best in apparel printing and embroidery, but also making a statement of support for those who serve and protect us daily.

Welcome to the Five Oh family, where style meets substance, and where every stitch and print tells a story of bravery, honor, and unwavering service.

About Us

DTF - Direct To Film Printing and Embroidery

Print and Embroidery for your Business Needs

Direct-to-Film Printing (DTF) – The Future is Here

Experience the superior quality of Direct-to-Film printing at Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC. Unlike traditional screen printing or Direct-to-Garment (DTG) methods, our DTF technology offers:

  • Vibrant Colors: DTF technology prints full-color images with an incredible vibrancy that's hard to achieve with screen printing or DTG. Every color pops, making your designs truly stand out.

  • Greater Detail: Screen printing can struggle with intricate designs. But with DTF, you'll see every detail of your artwork reproduced with precision and clarity. DTF is not limited to 4, 6, or 8 colors. We can print in a 256 color scale as well as print gradients and true to life images.

  • Versatility: DTF excels on a variety of fabric types and colors, including those where screen printing and DTG (Direct To Garment) often fall short. From light to dark colors, cotton to polyester, DTF ensures high-quality prints every time. Prints using the latest DTF technology does not easily wash or fade away as with DTG.

  • Cost-Effective for Small and Medium Runs: Unlike screen printing, which often requires a large quantity to be cost-effective due to setup costs, DTF is economical for smaller runs – perfect for small to medium sized businesses or small groups.

  • Quick Turnaround: Forget the long waiting times often associated with screen printing. Our DTF printing technology ensures quick turnaround times without compromising on quality.

In-House Embroidery - Precision Meets Passion

At Five Oh Stitch Print Design, LLC, we don't just offer embroidery; we redefine it. Our high-quality embroidery service is entirely in-house, resulting in an unprecedented level of control and precision over every project. Here's what sets our embroidery apart:

  • In-House Digitizing: We convert your design into a digital embroidery pattern right here, in-house. This crucial process, known as digitizing, is done by our skilled team, ensuring accuracy and allowing for immediate modifications if needed.

  • Superior Quality: Our in-house process guarantees exceptional attention to detail, resulting in a high-quality finish that will stand the test of time. Our threads are vibrant, our stitches consistent, and our designs precise.

  • Personalized Service: Because we handle everything in-house, we offer a personalized service that is hard to match. You're not just another order number to us - we understand your unique needs and work closely with you to deliver the perfect result.

DTF and Embroidery
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